Letter Re: Water Storage and Crash Course Advice

First off let me say I continue to enjoy everything you post on SurvivalBlog. I believe that, given, recent events, my extended family is coming around and is wanting to finally start getting prepared (let us hope its not too late).

Second, in reference to the WaterBOB that someone cited recently: what preferred method of treatment do you recommend in storing the water in the mentioned device for long term?

Third, what ‘crash course’ advice can you offer for those who may be too little too late in getting prepared for WTSHTF? Or for those recently converted who want make it through the tough times ahead?

And lastly, I am sure myself and others will continue to look for your insight and input in the days ahead, as events unfold and the Schumer really does hit the fan.
Please expect a long and very overdue 10 Cent Challenge voluntary] soon. God Bless, – Zach

JWR Replies: The WaterBOB is not designed for long term use. But it is food grade, so if you find a used bathtub (perhaps through Craig’s List) and can store it someplace dark (like in a basement), then a WaterBOB in a bathtub should work fine. About 2 teaspoons of plain (unscented) Clorox bleach would be about the right amount to add for that amount of water. Inspect it once every six months (visually, and a sniff test). The water should store for several years.

I may be biased, but I recommend that you get a copy of my “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course. Coincidentally, for the first time in nearly a year, it will be offered at 1/3rd off, starting on Monday. The course is centered around the concept of stocking up for a family, by making well-planned trips to a “Big Box” store.