Letter Re: In a Tight Spot with Long Distance Travel Plans

Thanks again for all you do. I am in a tight spot and need some good advice. I have to travel to the Washington, DC area this weekend for a two week class at a Federal facility. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to cancel my plans. This will put me thousands of miles from home and family during times of mounting crisis. Due to the areas draconian gun laws, and the classes location I will be unable to travel with a firearm. I have some loose family in the New York City area, but no other regional contacts. I plan on bringing my Surefire light, a small “last ditch” kit, folding knife, and an ASP [collapsing baton] in my checked luggage. I have been re-reading “Patriots” and archived SurvivalBlog posts about air travel contingencies. I have a little emergency cash, silver bullion, and junk silver, plus the usual credit cards. Two of my friends will keep an eye on my house and family in my absence. She is armed and trained (Front Sight First Family) but is somewhat in denial about our current state of affairs. She and I have a bug-out plan in place. Any further advice you could offer to me or other travelers who face the possibility of Schumer Hitting the Fan while absent from family, friends, and equipment would be greatly appreciated. OBTW, look for my 10 Cent Challenge renewal, directly. – Jason in Montana .

JWR Replies: That was bad timing, indeed. But take heart in the fact that this is starting to looking like a slow slide, rather than a sudden onset catastrophe. (A “whimper, not a bang.”) So don’t worry too much. But pack some comfortable low-top boots, a heavy winter coat, a pile cap, and gloves just in case you end up hitchhiking or taking a bus home.