Sometimes We Actually Get Through to Our Family Members

Jim –
I got this letter from my little sister:

“I used to think that you were so off the wall on your beliefs and how this country was falling apart. I would make little jokes because I had no idea what you had seen or done while you were in the military, but you thought that this world was coming to an end. Well, I am no longer laughing at you and it goes to show to not always think that because someone else’s ideas or a little extreme that they are crazy because they might turn out to be right. With having to research things for class and hearing people talk and seeing what I see on the TV, I realize that this country is in bad shape. I won’t even be able to go to Ireland like I planned to do in two years because our dollar will be worthless. So, one point for Dan, and zero points for me.”

She is pretty young, so this is a very significant leaving the ranks of the sheeple. Sad that “I am right”, but now I can help her to become self-reliant. It is good to get to start an new apprentice! – Dan B.