Letter Re: Questions on Short Term Survival in an Urban Office Building

To follow up on Flora in New York City’s “Questions on Short Term Survival in an Urban Office Building”, here is a link to Aton Edward’s highly recommended book Preparedness Now! which also contains a link to the April 2008 New York Times article that allowed me (thankfully) to find Survivalblog.com for the first time.

Additionally, here is a video interview with Mr. Edwards recorded in New York City and addressing exactly the kind of equipment/tools and awareness/preparedness issues that an office-bound urbanite like Flora needs to survive.

Since April, I ordered and read “Patriots“, the Rawles Get’s You Ready course, and “Rawles On Retreats and Relocation“. Thank you for your informative, easy-to-navigate, and comprehensive blog! This weekend I finally finished reading every page and every day’s worth of SurvivalBlog archive posts from the last three+ years (it took more than six weeks and I now have a big “To Do” list). – Lee in Hurricane Alley