Notes from JWR:

Now we’re a fashion trend! Details magazine just published a well-written and humorous article that features a SurvivalBlog reader, titled The Yuppie Survivalists. That’s not what I would have titled the article, but then I don’t publish a trendy men’s fashion magazine. And I’m no yuppie. I’m neither young nor urban, and I’ve never had that sort of shopping budget. (The Memsahib keeps me on a short leash.) OBTW, they included just one brief quote from yours truly and one from Jason over at SHTFblog.

Oh, and speaking of men’s fashion, another article on survivalism will appear in the upcoming issue of FHM magazine and it too will be quoting me. OBTW, the Memsahib and I recently were in The Big City and we dropped by a bookstore, hoping to take a glance at the FHM article. But we were shocked to find that there was no glancing allowed, because FHM is one of those magazines that comes wrapped in plastic. (I have been told that it has some pictures of scantily-clad models, but no nudity.) My apologies for directing any of you to contact the journalist at FHM. I should have checked first on what sort of magazine it was, before I agreed to an interview, or for promising to post the author’s contact information in SurvivalBlog. My humble and sincere apologies for not first investigating the magazine!

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