Letter Re: Retreat Options for a 20-Something with Cash Savings

Hello Jim, I’m a 26 year old guy living in the city in Washington [state]. I’ve been watching the world deteriorate over the past five years, and suspect it will get worse faster. For a long time, I’d simply resigned myself to dying young. It didn’t really bother me (probably because it was not at hand.) But recently I’ve been thinking that I might have a chance, and anyway I’ve never liked this “labor for dollars” way of life. I’ve saved up $140,000 and about 3-to-4 year’s worth of stored food. I have very low expenses, no debt, and no …

Letter Re: Resources on Packing Lists and Procedures from Expedition Planners

Dear Editor:: I have followed SurvivalBlog for some time now and find it very interesting and helpful. I believe your readers may be interested in the two following listed [PDF] articles about planning and execution of “expedition” type bicycle travel and motor vehicle travel. While not specifically “SHTF” planning, both go into great detail on selection, supplies, planning, and actual execution of trips in (or “on”, in the case of bicycles) both forms of travel and are not the typical “give me my bullets ‘n beans” articles so prevalent on other web sites. Desert Expeditions [This PDF was already mentioned …

Letter Re: A Clash of World Views–Socialism Versus the Libertarian Ethic

Mr. Rawles: [Your frequent quotes from conservatives such as Thomas Sowell and Austrian School economists] blithely ignore the reality of corporatism, authoritarianism, predation, and entrenched elites. We’ve had our grand experiment in deregulation and the magic of the market, and it’s now perfectly clear where it got us. Why don’t you look up a good quote on the definition of an idealogue [sic] — someone who won’t let go of pretty delusions even when the real world proves the idealogy [sic] wrong. This is where the right wing is today. They want yet more of what has driven this country …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Hawaiian K found us this: Energy Watchdog Warns of Oil-Production Crunch–Daily 12.5 Mil Barrel shortfall by 2015    o o o Eric flagged this article: More go off-grid as economy tanks    o o o Reader N.L. mentioned that an on-line Volunteer Safety and Survival Reference is available for free download. It is an updated and expanded version of “The Universal Survival Handbook” published in 1979, by David A. Nuttle,    o o o Jack B. sent us this: Soaring oil prices may end dollar global status – Study

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“Various kinds of ideas can be classified by their relationship to the authentication process. There are ideas systematically prepared for authentication ("theories"), ideas not derived from any systematic process ("visions"), ideas which could not survive any reasonable authentication process ("illusions"), ideas which exempt themselves from any authentication process ("myths"), ideas which have already passed authentication processes ("facts"), as well as ideas known to have failed- or certain to fail- such processes ("falsehoods" – both mistakes and lies).” – Thomas Sowell