Spotlight Falls on Silver’s “Poor Fundamentals” by Jason Hommel

An article by Pratima Desai that was circulated by the Reuters news service, included this: LONDON, April 28 (Reuters) – Investment money flooding into silver has overwhelmed poor fundamentals and helped it to outperform gold, but the tide could be turning for precious metals and the probability of large losses is rising. THE REAL TRUTH IS: Silver has outstanding fundamentals, and silver’s downside is minimal, and, in fact, it probably just bottomed, as I will show. Silver’s price falls in percentage terms are likely to dwarf those seen in gold, which some fund managers say has stronger supply/demand fundamentals. Again, …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Fred The Valmet-meister relayed this bit of bad news: Berkshire Hathaway’s quarterly net profits dropped 64 percent because of derivatives losses    o o o Norman in England sent us this: India feels the heat as thousands riot over power cuts    o o o Ron D. flagged this article: What happens when oil is no longer priced in US Dollars    o o o Gulf States may end the dollar peg. (Thanks to Samuel K. for the link.)