Letter Re: As It Was in the Days of Noah

Dear Mr. Rawles,
I recently read your novel “Patriots“, which was a very positive experience.

For more than a year I have read most anything I can get my hands on concerning survival, as I started feeling led by God in the direction to prepare for something…not knowing what the something may actually be.

I recommend buying the “Forever” postage stamps, as a hedge against inflation. [JWR Adds: This is the last week to buy the “Forever” stamps before the upcoming rate increase.]

Hurricane Katrina gave my family and I just a small taste of what I am afraid we may all face in the near future. And no one is going to be bringing FEMA trailers by the thousands, and sending Red Cross checks etc. We were one of the lucky ones that did not loose our home, minimal damage, and we are located only 1 1/2 blocks from the beach. My only response, God was watching over us. Our home was two feet higher than the tidal surge, dropped 8 huge trees in our yard which all missed our house. We spent 2 weeks without electricity and water, and months in a neighborhood that looked like a scene from a war zone. We learned a lot, luckily we had prepared, didn’t loose our stuff, and had spent a lot of time camping in the past. But people are already forgetting the hard lessons we learned during that time.

Do you recall the scene out of [the movie] Star Wars? The Cantina scene where there was some bloodshed, the music stopped, a hush fell over the room, they dragged the bodies out, all was quiet for a few moments, and then all at once the band started playing, people started talking, and laughing, and right back to how things were. I think that is how the majority of people in the US are today. I am very afraid that they are all just partying it up, like in the days of Noah, and one day it will come down like the rain. Sincerely, – Nancy G. in Mississippi