Letter Re: The Food Shortages Are Real–Will There Be Panic Buying Soon?

I’ve read the recent article in the New York Sun (Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World) regarding the [informal] food rationing that has now begun. Everything is starting to unfold quicker than expected, but it is not a huge surprise. I personally own a small and private operation (cash only) which sells large amounts of bulk food storage for those who have their eyes open and are awake to what’s going on which is not many. We generally move large quantities of bagged and cleaned Wheat, lentils, soup peas, flax seed and all other manner of legumes( beans) and oats in in large quantities. [Some details deleted, for OPSEC.]

Anyway, the reason I’m contacting you is to let you know that we are now seeing massive shortages and in many cases completely empty warehouses here in western Canada. We work with the very largest suppliers in Western Canada right down to the the small growers. All of the large suppliers supplies are drying up as everything is being shipped out of country and overseas. Growers are hanging on to what little they have for the most part and are not selling out in most cases. Historically this has never happened [in Canada]. We’ve all taken for granted the availability of our food stuffs and now its crunch time. The global famine has now begun and once the panic of empty store shelves hits the local supermarket. All that I can say is that you had better be ready for a nationwide situation of hysteria and panic. Get what you can now, folks, because it will not be available soon! – LNL

JWR Replies: Thanks for those observations, which confirm what I’ve been hearing in the United States. It is noteworthy that there are ongoing food price and shortage protests in 33 countries–mostly in the Third World. (Including out-and-out riots, in a few.) One recent bit of news: Japan’s hunger becomes a dire warning for other nations.