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Economic Climate Change: The Long Winter May Begin This Summer

I’ve had several consulting clients contact me in recent weeks, all with notes of fear in their voices. They realize that something is horribly wrong with the economy, but they cannot properly isolate and articulate the problem. I haven’t been able to calm them, however, because to an extent I share their anxiety. In my estimation, the “something wrong” that we sense is nothing short of a monumental shift in the economic climate. America is clearly headed for a recession. Most economic recessions are simply a product of the business cycle. These recessions are relatively mild and they often last …

Weekly Survival Real Estate Market Update

We are presently heading into the spring selling market that should yield some of the best prices seen in years in rural America, especially in the Pacific Northwest region, in particular. At this point, especially in small towns in the region most folks have realized that their golden egg is about to hatch a goose and that they should have sold their property two years ago while there was still a chance to sell at reasonable prices. A lot of folks waited and kept their property prices too high and listened to others who spoke of the market “coming back …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Food Stamp Users to Reach All Time High    o o o Some commentary from Peter Schiff posted over at Gold-Eagle: Let the Housing Chips Fall    o o o Given the source, this is not to be taken too seriously: Ted Turner predicts ‘mass cannibalism’ by 2040    o o o Some old news from NASA Possible asteroid impact in 2029? For some background, here is a primer on the Torino Scale.