Weekly Survival Real Estate Market Update

We are presently heading into the spring selling market that should yield some of the best prices seen in years in rural America, especially in the Pacific Northwest region, in particular. At this point, especially in small towns in the region most folks have realized that their golden egg is about to hatch a goose and that they should have sold their property two years ago while there was still a chance to sell at reasonable prices. A lot of folks waited and kept their property prices too high and listened to others who spoke of the market “coming back soon” and “don’t worry.” Well, now they are scared. I moonlight as a gunsmith at a local gun shop and during the two weeks preceding Christmas last year we sold absolutely no firearms at all. What we did do and continue to do each week is pawn and redeem items for folks just to make it to their next paycheck.

Heading into the spring time here the tide has turned from pawns to folks selling what they can to buy battle rifles, a heavy weight of reality is starting to hang in the air in rural America, even people that are not true preppers like you and I just know something isn’t right. Recently, locals that would have never thought about owning battle rifles have been trading in their deer rifles for black rifles. We cannot keep .308 caliber semi-autos on the shelf, period. We have tons of AR-15’s but if an HK or FAL shows up it goes within a day or so. Farmers might be slow movers but they’re not dumb, they see what’s coming. All the .308 and related components are going as well. We went to order a few of Rock River Arms new LARs in .308 (the same as the Bushmaster BAR-10, they bought the rights from them last year), a great big brother of the AR-15 chambered in .308 and they said they had a two year backorder list! The point of my sidetrack here is that small towns are already getting hit hard economically just by what has happened in the past five months or so. They realize that they had better sell what they’re going to sell or they’ll need to wait along time to get a better price, if ever. This applies directly to real estate as well. Bargains abound, especially parcels that were split up over the last year or so that have not sold, like one I have reviewed and JWR has approved on SurvivalRealty.com, called the Ridgetop Retreat. It is part of a larger 104-acre parcel that as far as I know no parcels have sold so someone could buy the entire 104 acres in the range of $570,000 and then sell the divided parcels to fellow like minded individuals.

Now is the time to swoop in and for someone that can pay cash or make easy financing terms, the real estate inventory is huge, and there are now some real bargains. There are many sellers that are on the brink of foreclosure and just want to get out with a few bucks and deals can be had. High end builders are sitting on finished product and have to refinance the homes out of the construction loans with cash out just to make the payments, and the banks are dong it, knowing that they are simply loaning them the money to do so, but what choice do they have? The high priced homes and land are simply overvalued and sinking everyday. Several parcels on SurvivalRealty.com have been dropped several hundred thousand dollars from last years listing prices with some more room to maneuver.

I’m working on several plans for groups in survival real estate. My preliminary thoughts are that it would require folks who have been humbled enough to be thankful just to have ‘something’ to go to in a time of peril and folks that have a sum of cash they need or want to invest in such a venture, but not enough to buy or build their retreat. I’m looking for ten investors that can put in $100,000 to $150,000 each to pool together $1 million to $1.5 million USD. This would be enough to purchase an amount of acreage and build one large building with ten separate living quarters with a large common area(s), something like a survival condo(s) complex, but complete with a communal basement bio-bunker, food storage, indoor range, indoor greenhouse, individual walk in safes in each unit and many other features. I have preliminary plans of the complex and should this move farther forward such plans will be available to those interested parties after consultation.

During good times the condo units could be used whenever the separate deeded owners wanted for vacations, family outings and holidays, et cetera. During times of peril the owners simply show up and start living, cooperating on security and other daily activities. To some this may seem absurd, but if this peaks your interest please contact me and we can discuss further. The location of such a property would in all likelihood be in the Palouse hills region of north central Idaho, due to the price per acre of land and more favorable weather and growing seasons. Remember, time is short and the buying power of your USD is falling. Every day you delay doing something towards getting to your retreat!

For further information, see my private Idaho pages on SurvivalRealty.com or contact me directly via e-mail. Remember, Idaho is what America was…Free!