Letter Re: Free Downloadable Military Manuals and Uncopyrighted Books

Greetings Rawles family!
I am a member of a forum online that I think has a real gem for your readers. Gary, the administrator over at Post Apocalyptic Media (which focuses on post-apocalyptic science fiction, but has some preppers as well) has put together a great project. He edited [US military field manuals] (FMs), and other non-copyrighted books taking out information that would not be useful to non-Army personnel (nothing
tactical or important, strictly Army procedural things). He then put them together in books with titles like “Survival”, “Survival: Health” which includes FM 4-25.11 First Aid, Emergency War Surgery, FM 8-284 Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties, “Survival: Arms”, “Survival: Rebuilding”, as well as titles like [the 19th Century formulary] “The Household Cyclopedia” (also titled “MacKenzie’s 10,000 Recipes”) and others to come. All are available to download for free, and are also available [in hard copy] at no cost beyond [the actual cost of] supplies. [They are being sold at zero profit.] The printed ones come with useful and sharp looking camouflage covers that Gary designed. Here are the links [to the forum threads which in turn have links to the PDFs and the Lulu.com ordering pages]:

Military Manuals

19th Century Texts

Regards, – Rightcoast

JWR Replies: Thanks for mentioning that. Be advised that registration is required to access the Post Apocalyptic Media forum, but to register, all that they ask for is a name and e-mail address.