Letter Re: Advice on Bear Protection?

I read your blog every day but I fell behind when I took a long weekend fishing. If I am not hunting with a rifle, I carry a [Colt Model] 1911 or Glock 10mm for brown bear protection in Alaska. I’m not trying for a one shot stop, I just want to change the bear’s mind to not touch me. The gun you are carrying is 100% more effective than the elephant thumper [that you left behind] in the gun safe. If the gun on your hip is too big then it inhibits the work you are trying to perform. I have guided more than 30 successful brown bear/grizzly hunts and I only saw one “one shot kill.” (A central nervous system hit) Every other bear soaked up .375 H&Hs, .378 Weatherbys, .338 [Lapua Magnum]s, .300 [Winchester Magnum]s and started running for cover. (I always get in on the running shots!) Remember, in a DLP (defense of life and property) [encounter] with a brown growler it is going to be at point blank range and fast! You might end up on the ground, like most fights do. God Bless You and Your Wisdom Jim, – Edventures