Letter Re: Who Can Supply Sturdy Headsets for FRS Transceivers?

Mr. Rawles;
I am having problems finding reliable headsets for Family Radio Service (FRS) radios. Do you know anyone I can ship mine to and have something made that will last and work?
I got Radio Shack models and the headsets do not last a year of steady use. I got one model you cannot get headsets for anymore.
The headsets cost $25 each and having to continuing purchase them is getting ridiculous. Even with Radio Shack warranties, if the SHTF you cannot run to them to get replacements.
I am willing to pay for quality headsets to last in a SHTF situation.
I just purchased some replacement FRS radios for the ones that I cannot get headsets for and they have a feature to scan and find the channels being broadcast on.
Do you have any experience with these? Does it include the silent or side band features? Does this mean OPSEC is even less (more at risk) if using them in the field?
Sure would appreciate the help. – Ron A. in Ohio

JWR Replies: My general advice it to buy yourself a sturdy $60 or $70 headset once, instead of four or five flimsy $25 headsets in succession to obtain the same service life. One good vendor that has been highly recommended is CustomEarpiece.com

OBTW, I prefer MURS band transceivers, such as those sold by $49 MURS Radios. MURS band radios have much better range and security than FRS radios. (It is more secure because it is a little known band.) The FRS occupied frequency scanning feature that you mentioned is likely become more common in coming years, making the pitiful security of the FRS band even worse.