Letter Re: From Russia With Love

It is quite strange heading for the letter to the site like yours, isn’t it? But it is really so.
My name is Andrei, I am Russian living in the suburbs of Moscow, Russia. I do have a lot of fun reading your great site. Of course, circumstances in Moscow, Russia and Moscow, Idaho, differ significantly, but there is a lot of the same stuff we must take care of if we are going to survive, be it in Western hemisphere or not.
Surprisingly, actually there are no local web sites like yours while your site is a great source of knowledge and reach experience. Thanks a lot for all your great efforts!
I would say that things are changing here, in Russia, quickly and dramatically. Thank God, we are not “commies” anymore (frankly to say, we have never been true and blue ones). To me, I have prepared a huge axe—it never misses fire—just in case I will ever see one of them at the doorstep of my house 😉 . While politicians may do their monkey business, ordinary people—in any country—have to take care of themselves mostly on their own.
As I have mentioned, circumstances of everyday life differ a lot in our countries, but I also find a lot of common things relating to survival. Since I have built my house—few Russians live in houses, vast majority live in apartment buildings—I am going to implement American experience for the benefit of me and my family. In addition to it, we are Latter-day Saints, and our Church teaches us a lot about family preparedness. So, I have a lot of work to do!
Let me express my thanks again. Sorry for my English, and please let me know if I can be of any help for your great site. I would gladly participate in the “10 Cent Challenge” if it will be technically possible. I’d even go beyond this figure.
FYI: My occupation is translation supervisor. By know I can also supervise a building of a cottage, including development of all corresponding engineering systems, from electric to sewage system. I hope that it will help me some day 🙂 With best wishes, – Andrei