Letter Re: What if I Can’t Leave WTSHTF?

Mr. Rawles:
I have been reading your blog for some time. I have found it quiet interesting and informative. I’m a former combat vet and security professional for most of the 1990s. I moved back to North Carolina and started a company. I was raised by parents and grandparents that were survivalist long before the term became popular. I have made extensive preparations for the upcoming events that will befall the United States . I read the [blog] site and I think about us folks that do live in the east, a lot will be in a sad shape. I have huge amounts of water, food, and fuel stored. I’m not talking about weeks worth but several years worth. I believe that folks that have taken the time and spent the money to prepare should hopefully try to hold up with people of like minds. All of our supplies and improvements have been done very quietly and surely not publicized, [since] most people would think we were weird or crazy. The idea of bugging out is unacceptable to me because I have a wife and two sons that are 6 and 7. We surely do not want to be refugees! I believe that the biggest problem for us will be the clans and gangs that will leave the cities (Winston Salem, Charlotte , Greensboro, and Raleigh ) and migrate to the countryside. These people live inside of city limits where their water, sewer, and social needs are taken care of, when the Schumer hits the fan, these folks will be moving to the countryside to prey upon anyone they can. I figure these roving gangs will terrorize the countryside until people start to band together and kill them. I also see the average everyday needs that people just don’t think about. I’m not talking about water, food, and shelter. I’m talking about basic needs like shoes, clothing, and coats for the winters. Can you imagine what a pair of Danner boots would be worth? I think a lot of time as we prepare, the little things are forgotten. I think that a person can never have too much food, water, ammo, firearms, fuel, shoes, clothes, and blankets. If you don’t need them, they can always be traded.

Thanks again for a great site, the book “Patriots”, your prior military service, and for the eagerness to teach and help folks get educated about the things they truly need. Sincerely, – Andy