Note from JWR:

Two issues seem to cause the most lively debate in the SurvivalBlog: climate change and Peak Oil. (On the latter, see the following letters.) There are brilliant minds that that support both sides of these issues. I am a gratified to see that SurvivalBlog readers can debate these topics rationally, without resorting to name calling. The bottom line for you, dear reader: Regardless of where you stand on these issues, be prepared. Even if they turn out to be overblown non-issues, there is no guarantee that government over-reaction might cause just as many problems as the “crises” themselves. And if either of them indeed do the economic damage that some pundits predict, then we are in for some very tough times. Perhaps even a multi-generational TEOTWAWKI. Self sufficiency and sustainable agriculture are solutions on the micro level, and perhaps at the community level, but on the macro level, things look bad for many, many years. There is just too much population to support at the status quo. In light of all this, my advice is to stock up, especially on fuel. If stored properly, propane, diesel, and firewood can be stored for decades. The shelf life of coal is limitless. Choose your retreat locale wisely. Good soil and plentiful water will be crucial. Hard economic times will at the very least mean higher crime rates, and possibly even organized looting–as in my novel “Patriots”. So team up with several like-minded families for mutual defense. Plan ahead and proceed with prayer.