Letter Re: Hurricane Preparedness, by MFA

Well written article especially for a “newbie” to hurricanes in Florida. However, I must take exception to the one item that MFA ignored: a standby generator! Life after a storm in Florida without a generator can best be described in two words: “absolute misery.” Without going into details, a generator will mean the difference between an Absolutely Miserable Time and a manageable Difficult Time.
Personally we have a Honda 6500 [6.5 KW] electric start generator to use during the storm to provide power for lights, television Weather News and to keep the refrigerators and freezers running. After the storm, we change over to the 40 KW diesel generator that will power everything and then some.
Imagine the difference between working outside in 100 degree [Fahrenheit] heat and going into a house that is 110+ degrees inside with no running water.
Now working in the 100 degree heat and going into a house that is 68 degrees and has a nice shower with all the hot water you can use.
Like the old-time carnival barkers used to say, “you pay your money and you enjoy what you pay for”. Regards, – Roc O.