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Letter Re: Consider The Downside of HOAs and CC&Rs Before Making a Land Purchase

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rawles; I live in so-called “rural” western Oregon. Last month I sold my home that was in a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and moved to a slightly bigger place (3.5 acres, versus 2 )[that is] a few miles farther out into the country, outside of any HOA. Living there [inside the HOA] was worse than living inside city limits. I was forced to move [because] they had some CC&Rs that made it very diffiicult–if not downright impossible–to prepare for a disaster. Under the [“covenants, conditions, and restrictions”] CC&Rs, my storage space for all my survival goodies was …

Letter Re: Photovoltaic Versus Diesel Power Generation for Retreat

James: A note about an article you have posted – by David T. It is absolutely not correct. I realize that SurvivalBlog is not dedicated to diesel technology – but since you posted it, I figured I’d comment. I was a Stanadyne pump technician since the 6.2 diesel engine was invented ca. 1982. That’s the engine he’s talking about. I am also well versed in the history of that diesel pump, both in civilian use and in the U.S. military. Our military has had a miserable time with early failures – since the 6.2 and 6.5 diesels power many Humvees …

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