Letter Re: Photovoltaic Versus Diesel Power Generation for Retreat

A note about an article you have posted – by David T. It is absolutely not correct. I realize that SurvivalBlog is not dedicated to diesel technology – but since you posted it, I figured I’d comment. I was a Stanadyne pump technician since the 6.2 diesel engine was invented ca. 1982. That’s the engine he’s talking about. I am also well versed in the history of that diesel pump, both in civilian use and in the U.S. military. Our military has had a miserable time with early failures – since the 6.2 and 6.5 diesels power many Humvees and trucks overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suspect David T. knows nothing about the pump himself and is believing garbage that someone else has fed him.

The Stanadyne DB2 pump – (only pump used on the 6.2 diesel – and only pump used on military 6.2s and 6.5s) is available with what is called the “Arctic Thin-fuel” package. Any pump with the “1.2cS ” at the end of it’s tag has the package installed. For example, the following is military pump number with the kit: DB2829-4879 10149634 19901?2 HMMWV (Military) – 1.2 cSt G. When added, the kit only modifies a small portion of the pump and had nothing to do with the major parts that usually wear out. The U.S. military did extensive testing with the kit installed and found that it does not increase pump life.

Also, the kit adds about $40 to the repair cost, certainly not 50% more. Sounds like he’s getting ripped off.

I will also add that these pumps do not get rebuilt – although that is the way they are marketed. They are usually only “repaired”, and that is different. Major wear parts are just about never renewed because they are too expensive. So, when you buy a “rebuilt” pump, is it already a used pump, not the same as new. A pump, when brought in, is taken apart, resealed, new minor parts installed, and recalibrated. If it needs more than that, it’s usually scrapped.- JD in New York.