Letter Re: Ethnic Food Stores as a Source for Bulk Storage Foods

Dear Mr. Rawles,
While rag-picking at my local thrift store, I spotted an Asian food wholesale supply store in that neighborhood. What caught my eye was the 50# bags of rice stocked 6′ high and three deep, right in the storefront window. By my count, he had six tons of rice varieties on site. That is far more than the half-pallet that Sam’s Club seems to stock.
Note to preppers: If you happen to recognize a slow spiral to TEOTWAWKI, and you still have the need to accumulate calories for the homestead or charity, map out the ethnic food wholesalers (Asian, Mexican, etc.) in your AO for the proverbial beans and rice. If and when the times call for it, my guess is our multicultural friends also will understand the value of gold and silver coin as tender in payment of debt, whereas the mass merchant will not. (Of course if folks are using silver, at that point you should already have the hatches battened down.)
BTW, my greatest “keeping your eyes peeled” find was after the November election behind the temporary county DemoRepublicrat Headquarters: hundreds of un-deployed wire-framed yard signs in the dumpster. Don’t politicians know the price of recycled steel? (Of course not.) Now I’m flush with heavy gauge steel wire courtesy of wasteful politicians. Springtime Regards, – Brian H.