Letter Re: Build-It-Yourself Pocketknife Kits

I just wanted to pass along my experience with KnifeKits.com. I purchased their FLX-25 frame lock folder kit. As a beginner, I found this kit to be an excellent little project. It took me only about 20 minutes to put it together and I had a nice rugged (and repairable) pocket knife. (I wish it took longer to build as I was having so much fun!) The blade sharpened up very nicely and it has been a great pocket tool ever since.
I ended up buying another five-pack of this kit which came out to be $16.25 per knife (a great bargain). I gave a few away as gifts and kept a few for the future. I highly recommend this kit and am looking at building some of the more difficult kits. Just what I needed, another hobby! – 6xddx6