Letter Re: A Source for Unusual Technical Books

Mr. Rawles,
Charles R. mentioned the book “Caveman Chemistry” by Kevin M Dunn. It is available from the Lindsay Publications “Technical Book” catalog. The catalog is filled with how-to books of every kind – many reprints of long out of print books. I can recommend the fine folks at Lindsay Publications as I have several of their books and have several more on my “to order” list. I’ve been satisfied with every one. Check them out on line at www.lindsaybks.com and order a catalog. Other than being a happy customer I am not affiliated with Lindsay Publications.

While on the subject of books, Joel Skousen has several outstanding books on relocation, survival, building a secure home, etc. They are expensive but well worth the price.

I greatly enjoyed “Patriots” and have loaned out my copy to over a dozen others, many of whom have purchased their own copy. I am in the process of saving up for a copy of the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course as well as the “Best of the Blog”. Thanks for a great Blog. – T.