Letter Re: Unimog and Pinzgauer 4WD Vehicles

I have been an admirer of these surplus military vehicles ever since I saw them for sale at ‘Major Surplus’ in Gardena California. They are certainly stout. I’m sure they would make a great off-road multi-purpose vehicle but if I was going to use it for any thing else, i.e. Highway, town use I’d be more inclined to just drive a nice American made 4×4. Why? Why bring attention to yourself? If you want to tell the world, your neighbors and total strangers that you are survival oriented and that you may be in the possession of firearms and other expensive gear, this is the way! That is one thing I believe we should all try to avoid. Do you want some “Dudley Doright” state trooper or over-zealous “County Mountie” to pull you over and go through your gear? Then drive a Unimog. I believe in ‘flying low to avoid radar’ and to appear like every other citizen. With a nice old Chevy, Ford or Dodge you can do just that..and spare parts (especially for the GMC/Chevy. I know, I own one) are cheap and plentiful, Upgrades to these trucks are as well numerous and priced right. I still remember seeing a [mixed] caravan of the Steyr Puch and Unimog trucks on Inerstate-5 near Oceanside, California…and I remember all the rubber-necking as well..not too low profile and not all that practical from a mechanical standpoint. Try getting a starter, rear end assembly or a crank shaft for one of these vehicles from Kragen, Napa Auto Parts, or Autozone. Nada. It ain’t gonna happen! Thanks,- Jason in North Idaho