Letter Re: The Coming Dark Age, by Roberto Vacca

Shalom, Jim
Recently I read a quote on SurvivalBlog from the book The Coming Dark Age, written by an author named Roberto Vacca. I went to Amazon.com to research it and found out that it was written in 1986, and, surprisingly enough, there were no reviews on file from other readers.
1.) Do you recommend this book?
2.) If so, what do you like about it?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Hodu l’Yahweh ke tov (Give thanks to Yahweh for He is good), – Dr. Sidney Zweibel

JWR Replies: I first read Roberto Vacca’s short book The Coming Dark Age in the late 1970s. An updated and expanded edition of the book, circa 2000, is available for free download. It is worth reading, but hardly a Earth-shattering revelation. The book has a decent main premise, followed by lots of vague generalities. These are mainly extrapolations based on the precedents of when the Roman Empire disintegrated. Vacca was a member of the Club of Rome, an NGO which began as a sort of a precursor to the present-day Peak Oil crowd. They collectively predicted that “some crisis” was coming, based on societal complexity/fragility/interdependency, and would result in a multi-generational TEOTWAWKI. In recent years, the Club of Rome has focused on Peak Oil as their presumed trigger for a collapse. Used copies of the original English translation of Vacca’s original book can often be found via Amazon Shops for under $5. And of course there is always inter-library loan.