Note from JWR:

I recently felled some small cedar trees in the area that will soon become our expanded garden plot. The logs measured 8 to 11 inches in diameter at the butt. I cut them to 12 foot lengths. These will soon come in handy, since I will be using them almost in situ, as posts for the new deer fence. The largest of the logs should make dandy corner posts. Here in the valley, a stout eight foot tall fence is considered the standard for deterring deer. But a very determined elk, moose, or grizzly bear will go wherever they please. Most wire fences aren’t much of an obstacle for these hungry four legged intruders. So we’ll keep plenty of extra woven wire on hand, for repairs. Oh yes, and plenty of concertina wire in reserve for deterring any two legged hungry intruder in the event of absolute worst case Schumeresque situation.