Letter Re: Streamlight Incandescent/LED Combo Flashlight

Dear Jim,
I just picked up a Streamlight Twin Task 3C from Flashlight Outlet. They were set up at the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show near my tables, and are great people to deal with.
This light is solidly machined from aluminum, small enough for use, large enough to make a handy baton, and gets 1 hour at 57 lumens of xenon bulb, 100 hours at 21 lumens of LED, and has a laser pointer. I didn’t really need the laser pointer, but it was $1 cheaper with it than the version without. It takes 3 common C cells. I plan to get
Other good Streamlight products are: This product for forensics use (detecting blood/protein stains has some dark but practical uses) and this one which can detect radiator coolant or HVAC gas leaks.
Another thing to consider with flashlights is that a small one, such as a standard Mini MagLite, is about the same size as a kubotan. When traveling or in restrictive locations such as schools where better weapons are not allowed, and as backup, this offers light and a way to apply force to nerve points. My kids are carrying them to school. Michael Z. Williamson