Letter Re: Advice for a New College Grad on How Best to Prepare?

Hi Jim,
I’ve been reading Survival Blog for a few months now, and I enjoy it. I really like how there is such a wide variety of topics to read about. I recently graduated from college with a four-year degree in computer science, and I am currently living with my parents until I get a full-time job. My question for you is this: What is a good way to start out in gaining survival/preparedness skills for someone in my situation? I’ve been doing some basic things such as reading a lot and learning some gardening skills. It does seem that to accomplish a lot of things discussed in your blog I will need to have some money, move out of my parents house, and buy a house and/or land. I plan on doing this, but it may be a few years before I have money to purchase some of those large items. Would you have any advice on how a beginner like me can start out? Since there is such a large variety of topics to research, what areas would you suggest I begin with? – M.F., Twin Cities area, Minnesota

JWR Replies: Given your circumstances, the best way to get better prepared is to network with like-minded people. Either join an existing preparedness group, or form your own group. One good way to make contacts for this is through the “hidden” (unlinked) web page sponsored by survivalistbooks.com. For your own security, if you find a prospective group or a new group member, I recommend having some long conversations by telephone before you ever meet face to face or reveal your address! Proceed with prayer, background checking, and extreme caution.