Letter Re: An Interesting Television Show on the Pandemic Threat

Most everyone loves a good medical mystery. You know, we watch these shows like “House” and “ER” to see what the medical emergency is and to watch the drama unfold as they solve the crisis of the moment. Shows like “CSI” teach us a lot about the medical community and police work together to solve crimes. You’re going to probably see in the television season to come that the subject in this link is going to be played out in various popular drama shows. Understanding the reality behind it to me is as interesting as the drama plays and I think you’ll enjoy getting the behind the scenes scoop on it.

I’ve been following this avian influenza virus for a while. Here is a link to a television show that was done by medical scientists (Director of the CDC, US Secretary of Health, leading medical scientists, etc.) to help explain what this is and why it’s being labeled as “the single most lethal thing our society could face in the year 2007.” Politicians and governments around the globe are quietly infusing millions of dollars into preparations and training in pandemic preparedness measures.

If you have the time, please watch it. It’s really interesting, on multiple levels, not as a hype that “the world is coming to an end” but rather to be involved in medical matters to educate yourself and be self aware of the situation that is going on with this particular issue. It’s aim is to educate them on the issue so that folks will understand what this situation is, exactly. I hope you enjoy learning about it. – April