Two Letters Re: Israeli Nuclear Saber Rattling

The Olmert government would not do a nuclear strike of any kind even if we were at risk of being completely overrun. The weakness in response can be seen in the
war in Lebanon where only minimal measures were used and only against safe targets after about 8 hours of leaflet warnings. Olmert simply will not upset his liberal European friends even when Washington orders him to act strongly. This is likely part of a wind up similar to what we saw before the Iraq invasion although I am doubtful that there will be an American ground occupation of Iran. My IAF air-force friends have seen no unusual activity. This is likely to be used by the US and Britain to explain their urgent need to hit Iran even if they are out out of missile range. Look how many amphibious strike and carrier battle groups have gathered in the gulf. The surge in Iraq looks to me to be a cover for an Iran hit. Didn’t I promise you an interesting year? – David in Israel

Mr. Rawles,
I was also startled at the article in The Times of London, linked to by The Drudge Report. However, the article sounded familiar to me. I Googled “Times of London, Israel nuclear strike on Iran” and found two earlier articles in the Times of London about the same subject:
March 13, 2005
December 11, 2005
There are many other articles about the same topic. The repetition by The Times of London indicates that they cry “wolf” way too much.
Maybe this is just part of Israel’s propaganda war to get someone else to do something about Iran. Certainly something must be done about Iran, but the threat of an imminent nuclear attack by Israel shouldn’t be used to stampede the rest of the world into taking unwise action. Regards, – GunLaw.