Letter Re: Tritium Night Sights for Rifles

Mr Rawles:
Given that it is illegal anywhere that I know to hunt at night, and extremely inadvisable to hunt in low-light conditions – what in the heck are they making night sights for that fit hunting guns? It does seem okay to make them to fit on a rail – as backup, but for a typical battle-outfitted rifle with an ACOG or EOTech you can’t use those sights, they would be obstructed by the base. And if you’re going to put backup iron/night sights on a hunting rifle – would the money be better spent on a scope with an illuminated reticle? I may be barking up the wrong tree, but could someone correct my logic if I’m wrong in believing that XO has produced a product that is nearly illegal to use, with a limited market? – Jim H. in Colorado

JWR Replies: “Self defense” is a legitimate use to cite as justification for installing night sights. Also, in most states, hunting some species of predators and varmints–most notable raccoons is done almost exclusively at night, and allowable under fish and game regulations.(See you state’s “hound hunting” regulations.) I haven’t heard of these sights being illegal in any state, but pleas correct me if I’m wrong. I highly recommend getting tritium sights on all of your battle rifles, as a backup to a tritium lit scope, such as an ACOG. Ditto for you hunting rifles if you can afford to do so.