Letter Re: Easy to Carry Fixed Blade Knives

Dear Jim:
Following up on the discussion a few months back on the folders vs. fixed blade knives for defense: To recap – folders are easier to carry and legal in more places, but fixed blades easier and faster and safer to get in to action. Ever tried opening a folder while wrestling or being hit? I’ve taken a class where you do a low intensity simulation with blunt training knives, and, put it this way, opening a folder under attack is not something I ever want to bet my life – or my fingers on!
If you live in a state that does not prohibit fixed blades, there is now a much easier to carry fixed blade, introduced by Ka-Bar – their TDI Law Enforcement:
The handle comes off the blade at an angle so it is much easier to carry and conceal – see the photos. A big improvement over straight knife concealability. I like the ergonomics as well – very hard for your hand to slip onto the blade.
To check on your state’s edged weapons laws, see this site. Regards, – OSOM