Letter Re: Night Sights for Pistols

Hi Jim,
I just wanted to tell you about the TRUGLO “TFO” (Tritium Fiber Optic) night sights that I recently got from Top Gun Supply and installed on my Glock 17.
These things are amazing! The design combines the best of the Fiber Optic insert’s ability to gather ambient light during the day with the benefit of tritium night sights. Outside during the day, the sights look like three single LED lamp flashlights are switched on. At night they look like regular night sights.
I have Meprolight brand and OEM Glock night sights on two of my other Glocks (a G26 and a G19). However, I have always felt that the “three green” night sight arrangement was less than optimal. I felt as though that color combination slowed me down significantly from quickly acquiring a good sight picture in the dark. It always felt like a version of The Shell Game. I had to think through: “Which one is the Front Sight?” and “Where is it?”.
So, in my quest to find the perfect night sight, I ordered the TRUGLO “TFO” sights in the Green Front/Yellow Rear combination. Unfortunately, this combination is not widely available. However, I found them at Top Gun Supply. He has them for Glocks, SIGs, H&K USP, and Springfield XD. After a trip to the range to see if I had made a good choice, my reaction was “Oh! Wow!”
I am very pleased with the sights in this color combination and the Fiber Optic’s daytime brilliance. In fact, I am now considering retrofitting all my Glocks to the “TFO” night sight with the Green Front/Yellow Rear color combination. I should mention that the pictures at the TRUGLO web site do not do justice to the TFO night sight. Regards, – D.S.