Two Letters Re: Implications of Directly Confronting Criminals

This is a comment about the remarks that Dutch from Wyoming made about the man who moved from Colorado due to gangs. What did Dutch want the guy from Colorado to do? Start exterminating them? We all fantasize about doing away with the bad guys, but how do you do it and still stay out of jail or get the lethal injection? I retired from law enforcement from California and moved to Montana for some of the same reasons the man from Colorado did. I arrested hundreds, maybe thousands (never kept count) of gang members during my career. An army of lawyers put most them back on the street. Many of those lawyers were/are paid with our tax dollars (Public defenders.) I’ve also been in shootouts with gang members, including during the 1992 riots. I was sued for those shootings and the city had to pay a lot of money (tax payer money) to gang member families. Remember, the gangs shot at us, we return fire, we win the gun fight, but loose in civil court. Some of my colleagues, went to federal jail for fighting the good fight against gang members. The department abandoned them on the battlefield, and the Feds put them in jail for civil rights violations. I read and see the news everyday where officers are fighting gang members, and God help them if a “use of force” is video taped at the time of the arrest. Even supposedly conservative Fox News doesn’t get it. As soon as they see an arrest where the officers are using force, their comments are usually biased and negative against the officer(s). So, what do we do? Shoot, Shovel and Shut up? We are not there yet, but perhaps the day that that happens is not too far off. Or maybe [as Shakespeare suggested] “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers”. – John in Montana

Most people who read his [Dutch from Wyoming’s] comments in your blog would be happy to make their stand in their current place of residence. It is not the bad guys we fear, rather the sheeple and law enforcement who punish individuals for the crime of self defense. – D.A.