Letter Re: Mobile Solar Power Systems

Here’s an item some of your readers may be interested in, Mobile Solar Power, it’s a mobile solar power setup and looks like it would fit in with a number of different scenarios. I spoke with the owner a few days ago and he said he will size the equipment to fit your needs/specifications. It appears to be made with high quality equipment and the owner said the batteries have a 10 year warranty, but with care, may last up to 15 years, otherwise the remainder of the equipment should have a life much longer than that. This solar generator, used in combination with a Generlink would make a nice setup for whatever your plans are. I am not connected with either product, just thought they might be of interest. Regards, – Keith

JWR Replies: That sort of system is ideal for either A.) someone that maintains retreats in two states–i.e. for “snowbird” seasonal moves towed behind an RV, or B.) someone that wants backup power but because they live in a community with strict CC&Rs, they can’t have solar panels visible on a day-to-day basis. (After TSHTF, your problem will not be your development’s Homeowner’s Association–it will be chaining the system down to keep someone from stealing it!) OBTW, packaged photovoltaic systems”made to order” are available from Ready Made Resources . They also have an expert there, available for free consulting (with no purchase obligation) on photovoltaic power system sizing and design. Bob has the specialized tools needed to calculate current loads, requisite battery bank sizing, charge controller capacity, available solar hours, solar panel array solar exposure and orientation, and so forth. I can attest that Bob really knows his stuff, and unlike some solar system specialists, he has considerable experience building systems that are custom tailored for survival retreats. I recommend that any SurvivalBlog readers that are considering installing an independent home power system take advantage of the free consulting offer from Ready Made Resources.