Book Reviews: Last Light and Night Light, by Terri Blackstock

I am writing to recommend two novels that may be interest to your readers. Written by Terri Blackstock, I would like to recommend a series of two novels: Last Light and Night Light. These are novels that are written in a series, and while they can be read one at a time, are better read in sequence. As survival junkies, we are always in search of decent fiction centered around survival motifs – a rare genre of writing. Terri does a pretty good job of producing some entertaining and page-turning yarns. I will admit for those of us that are truly hard core, you may find yourself reverting to thoughts of primordial survival logistics as you read these novels (e.g., ” well, why didn’t they do this, or why didn’t they do that….), but written for the lay person, they have a high entertainment quotient., Also, they are really written as religious novels, more so than as a study in the art of survival pre se. As many of us are faith-based, this style of writing should not detract, but instead actually add to the enjoyment of the experience. From an editorial perspective, Terri’s writing style is fairly basic ( no long. protracted descriptions of the scene, or massive amounts of internal dialogue of the characters), which at first was a little difficult to get used to, but ultimately provided for a brisk read. As with any survival-related work, there are lessons to be learned here. As a born again Christian, I appreciated the underlying message in each work. Terri’s imagination is well preserved as she describes the trials and tribulations of the average upper middle-class family that is caught up in the unexpected circumstances of TEOTWAWKI caused by a mysterious EMP that renders all transistor and chip based mechanical devices inoperable. And, I must admit, that the origin of this EMP is a source that most of your Blog readers have not considered – and is absolutely insidious in its destructive capability. I would rate her at a solid “B” in entertainment value, and a must read for those of us that enjoy the celebration of our Savior in apocalyptic-based fiction. Zondervan Press, ISBN – 10: 0-310-25768-9 (book 1).and ISBN – 13: 978-0-310-25768-4 (book 2). Regards, – REM