Letter from “Mr. Coffee” in Costa Rica Re: Finding a Stable Country for an Offshore Retreat

Hi Jim,
I haven’t e-mailed you in a long while because I know you are really busy with your blog. I read your site every day and have implemented many of the ideas you and others have shared. Thanks. If any of your readers have specific questions about moving to Costa Rica I would be glad to answer them.  You can share my e-mail address: costaricakelly@yahoo.com. The info you shared in your March 30th blog post about Central America is accurate. I would stay away from the rest of Central America. Panama still has some nice areas up in the mountains. Belize is English speaking but it is also mostly black (I can’t use the term African American in this instance.) There are two other web sites that SurvivalBlog readers might find interesting: www.amcostarica.com is a daily newsletter, www.ticotimes.net is a weekly newspaper here in Costa Rica and has news online. Congrats on giving up your “day job” and concentrating solely on your blog. – Mr. Coffee