Letter Re: A Bucket Clothing Storage Idea, and the Importance of Lanyards


I think that you could use the five gallon bucket to put your clothing in and treat it like we store the wheat–with a dry ice or nitrogen purge.

Lanyards are a great idea for a lot of gear. For example, I use foam ear plugs with string between them for less chance of losing them. At the retreat I use them in conjunction use the ear muffs over the ears. The uses of the nylon cord are limitless when you are out in the boonies: “Where are my glasses? For gloves, run string between them just like our moms did, down the sleeves in our coats. A lot of our equipment already has holes in the handles. as appropriate, make use of them for lanyards. You can pre-set the available radius with pinch [plastic sliding cord] locks. My dad once dropped an aluminum pipe wrench down a well. I told him: “Now you know what the hole in handle is for!” On my $ 3,000 Gen 3 night vision goggles, I never neglect to tie and tape a cord! Thanks for you time and effort, – Gordon P.S.: The $20 that I promised you for the “Ten Cent Challenge” is headed your way.