Letter Re: Advice on Silver Investing?

I’m just curious to your thoughts on this. Like you, I believe silver is going to gain a lot of momentum in the near future. The wife and I are out of debt and sitting on some paper investments that I’m unable to move out of for various reasons.
I’m thinking of taking a home equity loan (our house is paid off) out and purchasing approximately $30,000 in silver and turning around and selling throughout what I feel will be the climb in silver prices. Of course we would pay off the loan but hope to reap the profits and possibly purchasing retreat acreage. I understand land prices are bloated but see this an opportunity towards usable hard assets. I don’t have much in the way of free cash due to our lowly salaries but am thinking this might provide us some leverage. Of course I understand that your not liable for any advice I’d just like to bounce this off of someone else in the same mindset of what’s going on in the world. Thanks in advance, – JS

JWR Replies: I think that what you suggest would be unwise. In a deep recession or a depression you will want to be debt free. That is the conservative course of action. But of course, I’m very conservative in my investing…

Letter from The Army Aviator Re: Advice on Long Term Moth-Proof Clothing Storage?


This might not be the most sterling principal advised on this forum but so far it’s worked for me: I pack my clean folded clothes in garbage bags for orderliness. I put a handful of mothballs in the bottom of a big plastic garbage can. (The typical green ones with a black lid.) Then goes a sheet of cardboard on top of the mothballs. Then I put the bags of clothes into it and for short term just slap on the lid and seal with good military fiber tape. For long term, I apply a thin seal of silicon on the lip between lid and can prior to taping. I may just be lucky but I haven’t lost anything in the last 20 years or so. No bugs, no mouse or rat damage., No holes eaten away. See what good clean living and luck will do for you? 🙂 Of course, I might mention, these cans are stored away from daylight, which helps.

As to Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt’s recommendation on “canned tuna and powdered milk under your bed” …I guess there will always be water available to reconstitute the milk with ______? Just like New Orleans, won’t there? Best regards to all, – The Army Aviator