Letter Re: The Vault Room: Preparedness in Tornado Alley, and Beyond

Safes and safe doors are a statement of the times. I have to laugh and gasp when I see those old glass fronted, wood gun cabinets of our grandfathers generation. Today they make good bookshelves or curio cabinets… with that in mind, I would really appreciate it if you could sometime look into finding someone or some firm that makes an affordable "do it yourself" gun safe or a walk in safe door. Lets face it, many of us are on a shoestring budget, long on talent and time but short on money. Short of stumbling upon an absolute "steal" at an estate sale etc, (and I have been too late in all cases to buy them) there has to be an alternative to just "buying" a safe solution from a high dollar dealer. Even with several makers close by, I find their prices still too high for our budget. There are those of us not really interested in buying a safe designed to survive an encounter with the devils own firestorm, or one that is affordable but to small to provide any storage. Some simply want to prevent or slow down an intruder, and provide a greater peace of mind- there has to be an alternative. Perhaps if you or someone out there is knowledgeable and very creative, a reader perhaps could share their experiences with low, or no budget walk in safe door designs. Perhaps someone has converted a former Navy ship door or blast door for that purpose. And perhaps they would be willing to share how they constructed a good camouflage for that walk-in door… Going one step closer, I would encourage anyone out there with the skills and talents who has done such a project to consider marketing their idea and making it available to a niche of buyers who might be interested in such affordable products. Thanks. – Boosters