Letter Re: PTR-91 Clones of HK91 Rifles, and Set Trigger Modification

Mr. Rawles:
In answer to the question from Steve (posted on March 9, 2006, the PTR-91 clone is considered one of the best on the market, I have original 1980s versions of the factory HK91s and I think that they compare well.
Williams Trigger Specialties provides a modification I would highly recommend. I have the set “paddle” trigger on all of my HKs and the work is excellent and the results are amazing – a crisp set trigger breaking at 4 pounds. Lower than the 5 to 6 pounds advertised. Worth every penny. Their site: http://www.williamstriggers.com/page4.htm They state: “WTS PSG1 style trigger modification is also available for your factory HK or factory JLD PTR, for $200.00 + $14.00 return Shipping/Handling/Insurance. Your lower receiver is required for this work. Because of questionable trigger parts quality, no other clones trigger assemblies are acceptable.” – Wotan