Letter Re: Sources for PAL 9VDC Flashlights and Ultra-Long Life 9VDC

Please let us know more about the 9 volt PAL light, where can we purchase these? Thanks. Also, if a reader is concerned about shelf life of the battery, a very long lasting 9 Volt battery is made that was designed to be used in smoke detectors, it also works in AC-powered alarm clocks that have a battery back up when the power goes out… Sorry, I don’t remember off hand the exact name or what they are called but they are common enough to be purchased at the local Radio Shack…….they cost about $8 a few years ago when I was working for a TV station, we used them a great deal in wireless microphones etc.  – R.B.S.

JWR Replies: The PAL lights are sturdy little flashlights that are rectangular–just a bit bigger than a 9 volt battery. They have a VERY long life. They are available from Buckshot’s Camp and several other vendors, for less than $20. See: http://www.buckshotscamp.com/Flashlight-PALight-Sales.htm The ultra long life lithium 9 VDC batteries that you mentioned are available from many electronics and hardware stores.  For our readers that live out in the boonies, they are also available via mail order from Newark Electronics. Newark’s order # for the lithium battery is: 291-735. They are $8.19 each. (Yikes!  Hopefully they are a bit less expensive at your local Radio Shack.)   See: