A Letter From Afghanistan

Here is a letter that I just received from one of the troops to whom I sent an Any Soldier care package:

Greetings from Afghanistan

 I have been quite busy and failed to write you as soon as I wanted to. I am finally making time. First, I wanted to thank you for the package you sent. Having already owned the movie Red Dawn, I gave it to another Soldier here. I am in the process of reading the book [Patriots] now. I don’t know if it was providential or what, but I was the perfect person to send your book to. My Dad is definitely a survivalist and I consider myself one as well though I am not necessarily a doomsdayer. I believe that with the American economy in the shape that it currently is and the way that America has become a debtor society that your story is very plausible.

Not sure if you wrote the book based on something you believe could happen or because you just thought it would make a good story but I suspect the former of these two reasons. I am an unabashed Patriot and love my country but am also very realistic. I have been preparing myself for the future by investing in some bullion and plenty of weapons and ammunition (I’m a gun lover anyway and believe that all law abiding Americans should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your support and your kindness in sending the package.

A little about things here. I am stationed with an [deleted for OPSEC] on Bagram Airfield and am a volunteer individual augmentee from Fort Bragg where I am the [deleted for OPSEC] NCOIC for an [deleted for OPSEC] Brigade. I have been here in Afghanistan six months now and the time is going quickly. It is pretty safe here on Bagram other than the occasional mortar or rocket attack. That’s about all I have to write for now. Thanks again for your support. I believe that we are making a difference for the better here in Afghanistan and Iraq.

God Bless and take care, SGT [Name Withheld]