What Happens After the End of TEOTWAWKI?, by Virginia Visionary

Many years ago, my wife and I were aghast at things the government was doing, and we were talking frequently with friends in the same state. Several years ago, we realized we needed to make preparations for survival because this ride is obviously not going to end well. We were pleasantly surprised to find many of the same friends thinking exactly the same way. Today, we have a lot of our preparations in place, including food, water, protection, debt freedom, and so forth. Achieving this now has me thinking ahead, as should we all. What’s going to happen after the end of The End Of The World As We Know It?

What happens not One Second After but perhaps ten years after is important to me, because I don’t want to be surviving just to be a slave in another failed socialist paradise. I want to see the reemergence of American freedom. I want economic producers to be free to build this country back into a beacon of hope and light. I want our Constitution to be a guide to a moral people. I want children to be able to walk to the store without fear of abduction by perverts. I want children to be educated as their parents see fit. I want to see every family able to pay for their own health care, as they see fit, without even a thought of government interference. I want to see whole, healthy, free communities of every race exploring their potential to the maximum.

This vision is not going to happen naturally, without a lot of hard work, especially after the cataclysm of an imploding United States. We need to be thinking about this now. We need to be talking about this with our friends, now. What good is it to prepare for the bad times and be unprepared for the good times to follow?

What we do, specifically, to rebuild freedom will depend in large measure on what happens during the crash. We don’t know any of those details, and I’m not going to play prophet here. However, there are some major issues that need to be recognized as we move forward in time. Here’s one.

You recognize that the Cloward-Piven strategy is bearing fruit and will most definitely succeed, unless some greater disaster visits us first. This strategy has involved overloading our welfare system to the point of failure, requiring a replacement of our current system with a socialist model (according to their theory). Their goal is to presumably eliminate poverty, but you and I know that is a fool’s errand and will only make us all poor.

The implementation of this strategy in the form of the Great Society has resulted in a huge class of unproductive people, supported by fewer and fewer producers. This trend is accelerating with the outsourcing of manufacturing to China and others. We have about 93 million people on the means tested government dole today. That’s almost a third of our population.

Let’s say that there is some kind of crash and our current representative republic is replaced with a socialist nirvana. Well, if a semi-functioning capitalist system cannot support 93 million non-producing people, do you really think a socialist system will?

I don’t know the specific sequence of events that will take place, but it appears that about a hundred million people are either going to have to wake up tomorrow, realize their error, and get a job; otherwise, they are going to have to be eliminated by the government or other causes. I shudder to consider the magnitude of this horror, but already in the 20th century we saw about a hundred million people killed at the hands of socialists and fascists. In this country, we have seen about 53 million innocent babies killed in government sanctioned or funded abortion clinics. The notion that our socialist leaning government could trim our population by a hundred million is not irrational.

Do a quick search for “population control” and you will find that many high level people are actually advocating for a total worldwide population of only a few hundred million. This attitude is accepted in academic circles and at the United Nations, and these people would have no problem with the elimination of 100 million Americans.

I seriously don’t think we are going to see the end of “the end of the world as we know it” with those 100 million people remaining vertical. What of the plantation poor in other countries? This looming holocaust is a great evil, and we must pray to our Lord for a spiritual awakening and miracle to preserve and honor those lives. Will you pray, daily, about this looming disaster?

Regardless of what happens, I encourage you and your family to work to preserve your lives and health during the coming difficulties. Keep your head down and mouth shut, because we are going to need you and your freedom-loving heart to rebuild after this mess.

There are certainly other looming evils and disasters cooking in the hearts of evil men and women. The forgoing is just one. This is all the more reason to pray.

Fast forward to the time when those difficulties are over, and now’s the time to start rebuilding. There is going to be some kind of government in place, probably openly implementing socialism, which of course means confiscating food and firearms, people disappearing in the middle of the night, and so forth. What shall we do?

The first thing to realize is that the Constitution will have long been abandoned (this is probably the case today), and our “rights” will be long gone. We will all be subject to the whim of the State– a highly centralized government.

I’m not laying out any plans here, but I want you thinking about what would work to rebuild a republic based on the Constitution, in the midst of governance chaos. Storming Washington, D.C. will not be the best option, as it will be fortified beyond measure. The best, most achievable option would be to start at the local level, retaking cities and counties en masse. There are over three thousand counties in the U.S. Each of those contains towns and cities. We have the people and need little training or equipment to do this, and the local socialist presence will be minimal. We may even have sheriffs and chiefs of police thinking constitutionally who will stand with us. Taking the majority of counties in a state will consolidate power and allow the taking of state capitols. From there, a Constitutional national government can be composed. There need not be a shot fired.

When there’s a problem in America today, the news media whines for Washington to do something about it. They ignore the local and state levels in their centralized socialist thinking. We think like this, too, in error. We need to stop thinking like this and instead think locally, then regionally (state level), and only then nationally. In this way, we can rebuild our nation. We will be leaving in our wake thousands of strong local governments that have the capability to serve the local population even if the state and national levels are dysfunctional.

There are myriad complications, depending on the particular circumstances. Today there are nations that seek to have us fail. If we are weak from an internal crash, we may actually be invaded. What if our country is taken over by a military junta of our own people? What if we experience governmental atrocities that would make Saddam Hussein blush? I have no way to address all these possibilities. I simply want you to be thinking about rebuilding after the crash. The good part of this is that you have built America, and you can rebuild it. I trust you to do the right thing at the right time, because I admire your hard working spirit, moral character, virtue, honor, and decency.

Visualize this. Visualize an America where judges and legislators are revered as men and women of wisdom, men and women of God. Visualize an America where a person can walk down the street at night and not worry of molestation. Visualize an America where your daughter could be a White House intern and not worry of molestation. Visualize an America where the press actually speaks truth. Visualize an America where corporations are in the business of pleasing customers and not lobbying Congress. Visualize an America where families and communities are strong. Visualize an America where economic slavery to the government is abolished. Visualize an America where there is no racism industry, and all peoples behave with love toward one another. This is only possible with God’s help and hard work; it’s not through the singing of some Beatles tune.

I’ve seen this America, in glimpses though not in whole. This is an American ideal that we must pursue. I’m a pragmatist, but we must have ideals and idealists to set high goals.

However, let me warn you of a deception that I have recently recognized. We grew up in a great America for the most part, but all of my life the government has been running huge deficits and operating seemingly off a gigantic pile of credit cards. We have to be honest and admit that much of America’s visible prosperity has been purchased with borrowed money that was never intended to be paid back. The interstate highway system, the schools, state roads, our agricultural system, the rise in the stock market, our medical system, all infrastructure, most all Florida retirement condos, and even the moon shots were paid for with borrowed money, directly or indirectly. Without borrowed government money and the boost it provided to the economy, I would probably be living in a home half the value of what I have today.

Yes, borrowed government money does boost the economy, kind of like the boost a meth head gets from the drug, but there is eventually a price to pay. Have you seen the before and after meth addict pictures? America is the latter.

I say this to make you aware that the America we grew up in might not be the America we must rebuild. Our America today might simply not be possible without hideous public debt. Perhaps this was not the case before WWII, but it has been since. Still, we can build an America based on hard work, family values, and the love of God.

What should we do now? Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Concentrate on our relationship with God.
  • Pray for all these millions of people who are pawns and dupes of the socialists.
  • Just like we sometimes have to get someone thinking about prepping, we will have to get preppers to think about the period after the end of TEOTWAWKI. Start chatting about this in your community.
  • Study constitutional government. How are we going to assemble one if we don’t know how it works, or should work? Think and read about the ways in which ours has failed, and look for solutions that could work.
  • If the Fed is creating every dollar at interest and loaning it to Uncle Sam, how will our nation ever be free of debt? There is an alternative. Study debt-free money.
  • Talk to your local and state representatives, but talk with them not about rebuilding freedom; just talk about government and what they do from day to day to get an idea of who is pro-freedom and who is pro-socialism.
  • Talk to your local law enforcement people; get a gauge of how they feel about our rights, our country, and our situation; find ones who are pro-freedom. You don’t have to talk disaster scenarios to do this, as there are plenty of examples in the news every day.
  • Talk to ex-military people, and gauge their interest in constitutional issues.
  • Network to find like-minded people, even if you never discuss what happens after the end of the end. You’ll have a group of people in mind when the time comes to rebuild.
  • This is NOT about forming a militia, sporting camo undershorts, or wearing your testosterone patch to the range. This is about keeping your family and community of freedom lovers alive until we can rebuild America according to the Constitution and biblical principle.

No doubt it’s going to be a mess for some years after the end of the end, but if we start thinking and planning now we will be able to rebuild our country along the lines of its founding or even better. In the mean time, we need to PRAY!