Understanding the Progressive Agenda- Part 2, by DBS

The Next Domino to Fall After the Glass-Stegall Act

Look, our friends over at Wall Street were losing their wealth. We (the elite) couldn’t allow that to happen. They needed more dollars to pay their debts because the stupid middle class had lost their jobs, filed bankruptcy, and were not buying anything. What could we do? Well, we decided to print more dollars and give those dollars to them. Then, they could pay off their bonuses and buy more of their own stocks. They keep up their perceived value, and we will all look rich! We will take advantage of the inflated values of Wall St. We will inflate the Wall St values and increase the media stories and programs to the middle class so that they invest more into the inflated values. Then, when we decide it is time, we (the elite) will pull out all of our investments at the same time. This will leave the middle class holding the bag!

Sorry for the change to 1st person, the Great Recession is new and still painful for so many. I felt I needed to lighten up the true horror of financial destruction of the middle class. Hindsight is always—20/20! Now, I’m back to talking for myself instead of as a member of the elite.

Man, I hope this scenario, described above, doesn’t happen! That is why I educate my friends and family about the dangers of owning Wall St rather than any tangible asset.

The next financial issue the elite didn’t see coming was a drop in the GDP! Why? Recently the facade is showing its ugly truth in the financial markets. The charade is up! Remember where we are in the population control and demise of the western middle class theory. Have you figured out “the why”? The reason is greed!

Greed of the wealthy elite is the reason for population control, Marxism, and Communistic theory and agendas. The elite’s greed is why we have lost our family unit. It’s responsible for the attack on our Constitution, the emasculation of our men, the push to increase feminism, and the career woman. The result would be fewer kids born to conservative, Christian parents of the successful middle class. They couldn’t allow the middle class (MC) to multiply their efforts in obtaining generational wealth. They needed to deconstruct the MC western culture, because of the elite’s greed. Plus, to change the MC culture, the end result was to create a two-class system similar to a feudal system of “rulers and serfs”. That is why we have seen such an increase of the wealth of the Top 10% in the USA and a huge drop off of the middle class with an increase of poverty. This is the creation of a feudal system. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

An unforeseen drop in the GDP is a real issue for the wealth of the elite ruling class. So, they need to solve this real issue and quickly! But how? They can’t afford to adjust the plan of ridding the MC, and they can’t make the MC any poorer without causing a revolt. What could be the answer?

If the MC did have the guts to revolt, the elite needed start the attack on our ownership of guns and ammo. Why? Well, because an unarmed population is not a threat to creating a feudal system, unless it is the peasant revolt in the French Revolution. However, I don’t think “pitchforks” would be very successful versus our current military and police state complex.

How Elite Solving the GDP Issue Without Increasing the Conservative Constitution-Minded Middle Class

The answer is immigration reform! What better may to solve the GDP than by bringing in a completely new class of consumer. These new consumers wouldn’t request any new Constitution rights. This new consumer won’t have a problem with loss of those rights, since they never had those rights before in their lives.

These new immigrant citizens will have almost 0 financial education, so they won’t threaten the elite’s wealth and power. Plus, when the Progressive politicians give those second and third rates citizens free stuff: home, welfare, cell phone, et cetera, these new citizens will vote Progressive with no questions or qualms. Never heard that technique work? Look back to 2012 and Obama’s vote-buying with government cell phones. SMH! Wow! It’s surreal.

Looking to the under 30 year old group, they have pushed for more “equality”. Man, we didn’t see that coming. Have you heard of “Occupy Wall St”? Do you remember “1% Rich and 99% Poor” signs? Well, that was a precursor of things to come! I think the Democrats and the Progressives found a way to quench the thirst for equality. They will make everyone the same. Using the techniques of communism, they will place everyone on an even playing surface, that being below the poverty line! That way we will all feel– equal, and there will no longer be any envy, desire, and will to bring a even greater loss of hope. How much equality do we need to have? The next generation has been brain-washed for so long that I feel sorrow for the Millennial generation. They are seeing a real punch to the gut in becoming adults, and they’re demanding the likes of Bernie and equality; they will be surprised. Be careful for what you wish for! With the use of TV, social media, Hollywood stars, and the music industry, these celebrities are all playing for a spot among the elite ruling class. They have been promised their place and the future of greater fortunes. Do your research and you can wonder why Leonardo DiCaprio gets invited to Davos Switzerland for a World Economic Summit!?! Then he comes back from Davos and wins the Best Actor award; during his acceptance speech, he rants about global warming. Does it seems curious or scripted? But the attack on the MC is not over. It has now become an elimination! Stay tuned! Reflect, and ask yourself “Why?”.

Understanding the Progressive Agenda—Part #2

In the last four years and over the next six years, our western middle culture is under its final attack. I believe our culture will be eliminated in the next ten years. Since the election of BHO, I have never seen such a movement to unravel our Constitution and our culture. The purposeful unraveling seems so comedic that it seems surreal. Why are there 0 checks and balances in Washington D.C.? Aren’t these checks and balances laid out in the framework of our government? So, it seems beyond me. Unless, all those politicians all are part of the same game? What a real shame. I feel duped and upset with their greed. In history, all of the most powerful empires had a great middle class. However, it seems that the Progressive Movement is now entering the final mode. It is really amazing to see how a liberal person behaves and acts around non-liberals. They get violent, aggressive, unable to communicate, narcissistic, unfounded and lost. It seems that the liberal mind has now become a mental illness. I guess, it’s brain washing? But, back to the matter, the progressive agenda is now becoming a movement. This movement is ready for the final stage– the elimination of the middle class.

Why? Let’s go back to looking at it from the elite’s point of view. The threat of the middle class needs to be eliminated, because having a middle class does not work with our goal of creating a two-class system of rulers and serfs. An educated, financially funded middle class, with a Constitution that was designed against tyranny, needs to be eliminated. Because those powerful MC will not go quietly, they could revolt and over-throw our positions of wealth and power. We need to eliminate the Second Amendment and take away any other parts of the Constitution that the Middle Class could use against us. Then we will create a major event that would destroy their finances, their basic needs, and thus make the Middle Class come running to us with their hands out, like it was back in 1933.

If we, the middle clas, would fall to ours knees and beg for help, the elite can then eliminate the middle class. Then, they (the elite) would have an entire population of American serfs. However, this is where I was confused. How can you have 200 million Americans on welfare! How does a Communist state work, financially?

It goes against all sound financial advice and against history. How about the teaching of Ayn Rand, the collapse of USSR, et cetera. Why in the world would a ruling party want a bunch of poor people asking for hand outs? Man, I didn’t get the Progressive agenda! I didn’t, until now.

What do all of those Serfs need? They need food, water, housing, utilities, and Chinese junk. You know, those are merely Serf essentials, and the elite will need to charge taxes on all those items. Still, I don’t think that would be enough wealth to cover all of the welfare handouts, would it? Then I thought, who owns all the factories, resources, water, and power plants that are needed by a large population? And if one group of rulers owned all of those resources and income generators, then those owners would be the only group that could profit from the sale of those products. By owning all of the necessities, charging a profit, controlling taxes, and eliminating all competition (small business owners), a wealthy elite would control national and global economies and populations. This is a grandiose dream of the wealthy elite. For we should remember the “Golden Rule”: he who owns the gold makes the rules!

The Unfortunate Truth

Now all of this could be a nightmare or a conspiracy theory. It will depend on your perspective and what the future will reveal to us. I know many of my friends and family could not or would not digest this foundation writing. So, I quote Plato:

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.”

After I revealed this foundation theory to a family member, I was asked, “Now what?” There was panic and despair in their voice. I explained that I am going to keep doing what I am doing. I am going to keep raising my children and their children and doing it right. I am going to keep my culture alive, keep my religion in front, prepare for judgment day here on Earth and in Heaven, and prepare to keep my household healthy and happy. Yet, I am going to keep my prospects open to finding a new like-minded community. I am prepared to relocate to my next Redoubt, if needed. I plan on keeping in contact with like-minded people and to get more involved with local politics, and if the local politics change then I am ready to relocate to other areas that are open to conservative, Christian families. I am going to continue obtaining more wealth and making sure that wealth is far from the U.S. dollar hegemony. I will do my best to educate my children to raise more non-liberal children, so that I can help in keeping my Western culture alive. Keep your eyes open, and God speed.