Understanding the Progressive Agenda- Part 1, by DBS

For years, I have been feeling shocked by the amount of strange happenings, those that I couldn’t explain; they just didn’t make sense. More and more, I would get angry, frustrated, and upset with how these events and their origins occurred. I have a feeling that many like-minded patriotic Americans may feel the same way, especially since 9/11.

Not only has our society change since that day but so has our culture. As a Desert Storm Marine and now a retired fire chief, I have found that our society and culture changed so quickly. It seemed each year the changes had been growing and growing. I had thought that maybe I was getting older and less knowledgeable of the new pop culture, but I also found myself wondering what was wrong with all of these headlines, cable TV programs, legislation, new rules, new taxes, free money, crazy home loans, embellished financial markets, persecution of the Bible, downplay of religion, and more. I could go on, but I think you also feel the same. That is why we are here with the great resources of SurvivalBlog. We are all looking for answers to those strange questions and feelings we have as a community. So many events, over the past 15 years, just don’t make any sense to us.

I have had so many strange feelings that have caused me anguish and have pushed me to make changes in my life and my awareness. However, I had not found out exactly why! I didn’t know why people felt “off”. So, since I am a problem solver and I needed to know why, I began to pursue the origins of my frustrations and started my research.

I now have enough knowledge and answers to feel more comfortable with awareness, and I’ve reached a point where I now feel more comfortable and a bit more at ease. I have a lesson that I teach my family. I tell them that the worst thing you can do is to ignore a problem, and the I give them steps to find a solution:

  1. Identify the origin,
  2. Set a plan, and
  3. Follow through with the plan, until another is needed to adjust for the best outcome.

In my continued studies and search for the origins of my frustration, I recently found multiple websites with great articles that gave me some of the final pieces to the answers. Now this information may be hard to digest for most people/Americans. It will depend on your level of awareness and acceptance of possibilities. At this time in my life, I allocate more time to analyze people, TV, social media, and advertisements, always looking for the origins of their behavior and actions. So I feel that maybe sharing my results may bring more discussion and ideas to the forum with an end result of finding more resolve.

The Progressive Agenda: “Left, Liberals, Obama/Clinton”, Democrats, et cetera

For those who are not aware, some of the origins of Democratic party were slave owners. Please also research LBJ and his comments after laying the foundation of the welfare state. Another interesting comment came from the NBA commentator, Charles Barkley. All of these statements and history will come together at the end of this paper. Since the 1960’s, there has been a movement known as Liberal thinking. I feel this movement started with good intentions, since the 60’s were of such chaos and change. However, underlying those good intentions were a few select leaders that had a common theme. I believe this theme had been hiding and found a vehicle to use their ideology. Since the McCarthy hunt on communists, those ideologists needed another vehicle that was more subvert to change this country into their utopia. The Progressive Agenda has its roots in Communism and Marxism. This may or may not be a shock to you. If this is not a shock, you are aware and should keep reading. This is not a history lesson, and I will not supply a time-line of events. This is more of a foundation for future thought.

Global Warming

Since the late 60’s, have you noticed a change in our culture as a “Western Middle Class” culture? I would first look at the claims for climate change, peak oil, et cetera. Currently, in 2016, the celebrities of Hollywood keep talking and pushing the topic of “global warming” on their agendas, even though our ice caps have stabilized and there is proof that the solar cycle was a good contributor to the warmer climate over the last 24 years. Why?

Family and the Bible

Now look at the attack on the family structure. What are the divorce rates now, compared to the 1950’s? Where are the family units? Where are the traditional roles? Also look at the attack on religion, by those proponents of scientific evolution. How many headlines do you read and people you know who no longer believe in the Bible? Why?

Tools of Marxism

These are the tools used to “break” up the success of the western middle class culture. These are the same tools of Marxism. Why are they being used? Well, since the success of post-war America’s middle class was the greatest in history, no empire has had such a large and wealthy middle class. That is why we had such a great lifestyle. Unfortunately, we may never see it again.

All those McMansions, expensive cars, vacation homes, real estate investing, and wealth in the middle class was too much for the wealthy elite. Having a wealthy middle class truly meant that they all had less! Those wealthy middle class people were using up all the resources for their profits rather than the elite’s. So, the elite had to make some changes.

How could they stop the successful expansion of the middle class before they were able to have a compounding effect on their next generation. A generational wealth transfer was going to be a real problem in the next 40 years. Each generation that could expand their nest eggs into a doubling affect on their wealth would result in the ruling elite being diluted all the more!

Before they could find a way to steal the middle class’s wealth, they had to make sure they would eliminate any financial education to our middle class children. I know in my public schooling, I never received any financial education. I was not taught how to write a check, what is savings, or how to become financially independent.

Instead of learning financial education, I was taught just to go to school, find a good job, get married, both of us have successful careers, invest into your 401k, and retire! Oh, by the way, we were also taught sex education in school and told not to get pregnant and that kids are really expensive! Furthermore, free condoms, birth control, abortions, Welfare state, link cards, WIC, and section 8 are available if you mess up! The meaning is don’t have many kids. If you do have kids, the government will help make sure that they grow up without a financial education, so as not to threaten our wealth and power. I look back on that now, and it starts to make more sense. I am upset that I was duped.

It sounds weird, but the wealthy elite saw the successful middle class as a threat to their power. By slowing the birth rate of the successful, wealthy middle class, the elite could keep more of this country’s resources for themselves. Thus, with more of the resources and now a better financial education, they could again turn to putting more wealth into their pockets for their families’ fortunes. Population control was about hoarding and eliminating the threat to their wealth and power.

But how could the elite get America to accept this elimination of the American dream that they just sold to us after WWII? Well, they used the Rothschild technique of creating chaos to turn a profit. Wars had to be started, the middle class divided, instill the idea of separation of church and state, create racial riots and economic recessions, reform education, destroy of the family unit, buffoon the patriarch member, promote the feminism movement, increase the divorce rate, create circumstance for latch key kids, and promote the popularity of two incomes/no kids (DINKS). All these techniques will lead to fewer children of a successful middle class, thus creating a reduced chance of a compounding generational middle class wealth! Hint: Does this sound like Karl Marx?

Population control was working well, until we had a Washington DC outsider win the Presidency for eight years. However, after that hiatus, the master wealthy elite plan of population control was back on track.

I believe those eight years were a wake up call for the wealthy elite. They knew that they had to control and manipulate all major elections in their favor. It seems that was the last election in which the middle class had a real impact on the results. Since that era, we just vote to keep ourselves distracted and to give us the feeling that we have a say, as the winners were and are not selected by us. The elite were in charge, so I’ll write form their perspective for awhile.

Population Control is Working, or is It?

Population control of the successful middle class was working. Now we (the elite) moved on to setting up more government regulations that could steal back the wealth of the middle class. We decided to also print dollars to steal their wealth with devaluation and give them easy-to-obtain debt. Without a good financial education, the middle class would crater under the ease in obtaining more debt. Now we can charge them fees for being overdrawn and overdue! They won’t and don’t know how to manage wealth. (Remember? We didn’t allow them any financial education.)

Well, that is an easy explanation of what happened since the 1999 Act that deregulated the ruling elite– the Glass-Stegall Act. If you are not familiar with this deregulation of the banks, please study and use a filter. In essence, it was the beginning of the end of our middle class wealth. It started slowly with overdraft fees, then ATM fees, and then moved to force the middle class into bankruptcy.

2009: Oh Wait—Our Home Loan Friends Are Losing Their Wealth!

We (the elite) were concerned that our friends were losing their wealth because we allowed so much middle class debt. All of those middle class people are not paying back all of their loan payments. Now, what? We can’t have our banker friends lose their wealth. How about we just print up some dollars, give it to them, and they can save themselves. “Hey, Alan, can you start the printing press and we promise Ben will shut it off.” Yikes! Yea, right?