Two Letters Re: Velcro On Tactical Gear


You asked about the use of velcro. This is more in the way of everyday carry, but my cover vest has a large velcro panel that the holster for my BUG hangs from. The pocket that this panel is inside of has a velcro closure. I don’t care for the noise of the velcro for tactical reasons, so I have placed a strip of loop on about half of the velcro (hook & loop) to reduce the sound and yet maintain the closure. The gun is a Kahr PM9 so it is light weight. A number of velcro covered holsters are available, and I have two varieties.

The idea of a BUG is as a secondary weapon. If I am in a firefight already, the velcro rip will be of little consequence. The placement of the gun allows for an easier draw while seated. If I am seated in my vehicle the noise of the velcro rip should be of little consequence. If I am seated in a restaurant or other public venue then I am concerned about the noise. I hope this helped.

Thank you for your many articles. – A.A.

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I have more or less abandoned velcro for closures on tactical gear, preferring instead the old-school lift-the-dot fasteners. While these are a little more expensive, they are silent and very easy to manipulate. I do find velcro useful as an attachment method however, where a pouch will be more or less permanently affixed in a position, such as the tear-away IFAK mounting panels. Noise is a factor, real or imagined. (How much hearing will you have, or anyone else within hearing range, after discharging 20-30 rounds at 160= decibels?) Still, quiet is better, discretion being the better part of valor and all. This is just my $3.85 worth ($0.02, adjusted for inflation, before taxes). Keep the Faith. – H.