Two Letters Re: The Importance of Using Non-Hybrid Seeds

In a recent post, you said: “…we will be discussing how to collect (“save”) and store seed stock in detail in some upcoming blog posts. – The Memsahib”
When it comes to storing seeds long term, I think you will find this article of interest. See:
This describes a safe and easy-to-create liquid that greatly increases the long-term viability of seeds. I bought both chemicals from , but after checking this morning, they apparently no longer sell glycerol. It is a safe and widely-used chemical, so it should still be easy to obtain after doing a bit of web searching. Thank you for all you do! Take care and God Bless. – SMG

Just a caveat when using open-pollenated seeds: Be sure the varieties you grow won’t pollinate each other, or you will have: a hybrid. It won’t grow true from seed. The best way to combat this is to grow only one variety, and lots of it. This way, if there are no other varieties of the same crop in the near vicinity, the seed will be true to the original ones planted. Semper Fi, – Sarge