Two Letters Re: Prepper Primer For Your Non-prepper Loved Ones, by T.S. – Part 4

I have to disagree with T.S.’ conclusion where Ham radios are concerned.

The days of 40-pound or more base station radios is long gone. Even the backpack type radios from the Korean and Vietnam era that many preppers seem to be so fond of are large, bulky, and inefficient by today’s standards.

There are many lightweight, portable solutions beyond that of the typical HT (handi-talkie). Take the Yaesu FT817ND, for example;it has multiple power options, is super lightweight, can easily fit into a cargo pocket and doubles as a general coverage/shorthand receiver.

If someone is versed in Morse Code the options absolutely explode. From simple transmitters small enough to be housed in a tuna can or even a small altoids tin. To full blown packet station using a raspberry pi, low power screen, a few small batteries and a keyboard.

For me, any communication solution that doesn’t include HAM radio is incomplete.

On a side note, there is software/app called Serval for android phones that allows the phones to work independently of cell towers through the use of peer to peer mesh networking. This offers another communication solution in a grid down/emergency situation. (I am not affiliated with the Serval project in any way.) – B.I.

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Please be aware that safeties, slide, and magazine releases vary by manufacturer. Thinking that they are standardized could lead to a hazardous situation. – D.A.

Hugh Replies: Both of these responses have good information in them. Be aware that, like many of the articles published here, the authors are not writing generic how-tos, but are writing with a specific scenario in mind. In this particular case, T.S. was writing for his family with the equipment that they had on hand. In order for you to apply his writings to you, you must make the appropriate changes and substitutions for your beliefs, supplies, and knowledge levels.

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