Two Letters Re: Hunting for Self Sufficiency


DK may want to investigate joining a private hunting club that leases or owns their own private land to allow hunting boar year round and of course other game in season. – Lone Prepper

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The statement “In spite of that, all Florida public lands only allow boar hunting for a few weeks of the year in special WMAs” is kind of misleading. In reading this, it sounds like a person is only allowed to hunt hogs at certain times in certain areas and with a permit; this is not true.

This statement applies only to public lands and WMA (wild life management areas). During certain hunting seasons, such as muzzle loader, you can only use a muzzle loader and archery (only a bow). They do limit hog hunting for specific seasons (like spring turkey) and allow no lights at night on public land. Other than specific times that coincide with other hunting seasons, hog hunting is allowed year round on public land. You would only need a permit to hunt hogs, if you are hunting on public land, in a WMA, and during a specific season.

On private land, all bets are off with year round hunting, no license and no limit. Hogs are nuisance animals and very destructive. I’ve never had a problem finding private land owners who are very happy to have you kill as many hogs as you can, as long as you are mindful of their property. Lights at night, trapping, and baiting are also allowed on private property. – D.D.